The cost for shooting, editing and delivering a series of photographs with user-license is as follows:

   Small project, app. 5 edited pictures € 150,-

   Medium project, app. 15 edited pictures € 270,-

   Big project, app. 25 edited pictures € 390,-

For most projects 15 excellent photographs are enough to show the project in all its aspects.

These prices are based on photo shoots in The Netherlands. For photo shoots abroad an additional fee for traveling expenses will be added. The height of this fee depends on time and place, it will be agreed with the client in advance.

The cost includes half an hour travelling to and from the project. If the travelling time is longer, for every extra hour an additional € 60,- will be added. If possible I try to combine visits to more than one project on the same day, so that the travelling time per project is minimal. All prices are without 21% VAT.

Regular clients who require more then 5 projects per year will receive a 5% discount, those who require more then 10 projects per year will receive a 10% discount.

There are, of course, numerous other possibilities like 360° photography, building photo shoots, animations, events and portraits. For these and their cost a consultation is necessary so that I can advise for the best combination and agree the cost.

All photographs are delivered with user-license. This gives the client the right to use the photos, provided that my name is printed with the picture when used on websites and/or other media. The client is not entitled to grant sub-licences to a third party. It is forbidden to remove or alter the metadata. For more information see the General Terms and Conditions by DuPho on the download page.