Through my years of experience as an architect I have developed a deep understanding for aesthetics, proportion, material, colour and light. I can easily appreciate what is special about a building, and why the architect of this particular building sees it as beautiful. Because I can see with an 'architect's' eye.

Being, by nature observer, I am used to detailed observation. My interest in photography dates back to my youth. During my many travels, buildings and nature always fascinate me and I capture them on camera: lines, remarkable details, and their interaction with the environment.
I use professional equipment and various photo editing programs for architectural photography.

I enhance the experience of the human eye with the best abilities of the camera. My camera tones light and dark areas and can show large angles and correct the perspective. Using bracketing, EF or HDR techniques can make images made even in poor lighting conditions.

I always seek the beautiful light; sunny days, shortly after sunrise or sunset. That gives a much more colourful picture. In addition, I can further improve the photograph digitally to create an atmosphere to my liking, but it always starts with the best possible shot.

In architectural photography the weather plays an important role, I always take that into account. It also means that I need more time in the spring and autumn, so that I can find the best weather condition for the best photos.
To make buildings look their best, it is nearly always better to include people in the picture and to optimally highlight the natural setting.

I generally work on commission and I prefer to be in direct contact with my clients when this is possible and convenient. If necessary, I can also provide approval for the use of my photographs by my clients, related to the privacy of subjects shown in the pictures, as for example for students at a school.